Our History

Collective Strategies was incorporated in March 2003. The business was started in February 1999 as a very small company doing only data and graphic design.

This is where Advertising at Cost comes in. The concept comes from being honest and direct with prospects and clients. In the beginning it was designed to help give the company stability through monthly fees. It ended up helping the clients enormously though. They saved a fortune on postage and graphic design services which more than paid for itself.

We love being able to help our clients utilize their advertising dollars wisely. By offering advertising at cost, it has opened up their budget and they can advertise more efficiently with better success.

Our Culture

Our culture revolves around our clients and prospective clients. We are always looking to assist you in becoming more successful in business. If you are a sole proprietorship or a large corporation, we have solutions that are unique and suited to your needs and budget.

We love to help and our advice is absolutely Free...

Investor Relations

Collective Strategies, Inc is solely owned and operated. Our vision is to take our clients to the next level of success through diverse marketing and direct adverstising strategies.  We also strive for Company Branding through this process.




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