Data Appends

Collective Strategies is proud to team up with Black Book and offer clients a valuable service where trade-in values are appended to your data and can be printed on a marketing piece
(data must include a VIN number and marketing piece must have specific verbage).

This is a great opportunity for dealers to put something different in front of their loyal customers that is unique and provides realistic and accurate data about the value of the vehicle your prospective buyer owns.

How it works :

1. Provide your data with Vin number in file (at least first 8 characters)
2. Data is run against Black Book's extensive data matching system
3. The 3 main trade in values are appended to your data (Rough, Average, & Clean)
4. Vehicle information (year, make, model, veh class) are updated or appended
5. Same day turn if file received by Noon

$500 minimum / $.08 each

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