2013 flood in pakistan

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The time passes really quickly, it only seems yesterday that the year 2013 had started and now we are at the last day of the year. Pakistan Floods of 2010, flooding of the Indus River in Pakistan in late July and August 2010 that led to a humanitarian disaster considered to be one of the worst in Pakistan’s history. Indus basin floods: Mechanisms, impacts, and management Mandaluyong City, Philippines: Asian Development Bank, 2013. In 2011, severe floods were reported in Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Uganda in Africa;Brazil,Columbia,MexicoandtheUnitedStates in the Americas; and Cambodia, China, India, Korea, Pakistan, the Philippines and Thailand in Asia, with

For this, Basti Agrani, Mouza Bait Bakhtiari was selected as a study area for field survey. As a result of monsoon rains (see 2012 Pakistan Floods). Needs are being assessed for the relief of floods victims jointly by different NGOs working in Pakistan. In September 2014, the Kashmir region suffered disastrous floods across many of its districts caused by torrential rainfall. Mo re than 13,33,066 people have been affected throughout the country and The views expressed in this publication are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the

In nearby Pakistan, the rains are usually less intense, more intermittent, and centered in the northeast. In the summer of 2013, monsoon-driven rains triggered flooding along the Indus River. The floods, which affected approximately 20 million people, destroyed homes, crops, and infrastructure and left By 24 September 2014, nearly 277 people in India and about 280 people in Pakistan had died due to the floods. Asian Development Bank. In September 2014 Due to massive rain in Jammu and Kashmir as well as in Punjab Constituted flood situation in River Chanab and River Jhelum.

Floods 2013 Admiror ... Floods in Pakistan, 2013 Floods strike disaster in Pakistan Life has come to a standstill for many Flood-Affectees need our help urgently Floods have washed away homes &left thousands of people homeless Rescue teams are doing their best- ARE WE? 53,000 patients treated in flood-hit areas in Multan, DG Khan Current study evaluated the damages of 2013 flood in Tehsil Ahmedpur East (Bahawalpur). Floods. Image of the Day Water Floods World of Change. WHO- Pakistan Data source: WHO, Field Reports Projection: WGS84 Date created: August 08, 2013. WHO Map Num: WHO-FLOOD-1366 World Health Organization, Chak Shehzad, NIH Premises, National Park Road, Islamabad, Email: anwara@pak.emro.who.int; The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply Each summer, monsoon rains sweep across southwestern Asia, soaking India and Bangladesh. Hence, a joint flood relief action plan is being initiated to carry out Rescue and Relief Operations by a consortium of 75 NGOs, TABA. 2. Simultaneously, field observation was also done and … The Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, as well as the Pakistani territories of Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and Punjab were affected by these floods.

2013 Islamabad Flood 2013 – Freak Weather Events in Pakistan! Meeting on the flood health response has been planned with DG Health on 6th August, 2013 in Islamabad while close coordination is in place with National Health Emergency Preparedness and Response (NHEPRN) 2.

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