Titan magnetic field

Strong rotation of the magnetic field around the flow direction (Z magnetic field perturbation in the Titan wake was first observed by Voyager-1 (Ness et al., 1982) (Figure 3). Now, a team led by scientists from MIT have used young Apollo 15 samples to pin down the timing of the lunar dynamo’s end, showing that it ceased sometime between approximately 1.92 and 0.80 billion years ago. Mass-loading and ion-neutral friction prevent the magnetic field from reaching the surface of Titan. Contours of magnetic field strength and magnetic field vectors for Titan's induced magnetosphere for the MHD model with Voyager like upstream conditions (run 1) are shown in Fig. Orbital plane is shown with colors indicating magnetic …

However, Voyager observations do not satisfy the above criteria of an ideal induced magnetosphere. However, it has been unclear when the lunar magnetic field ceased.

This article summarizes and aims at comparing the main features of the induced magnetospheres of Mars, Venus and Titan. In another blog, we discussed the various magnetic fields emitted by planets in our solar system.This time, we’re going to take a closer look at Saturn.

In the vicinity of Titan, the field lines become strongly twisted, permitting the wakeside magnetic lobe structure to even penetrate into the satellite's geometric plasma shadow. 1. Hi, nice work you did with the magnetic paint :).. For magnetic painted wall, rubber magnetic tape seems to work better than neodymium magnets due to the …

This is in agreement with the previous MHD models mentioned above.
Abstract. All three objects form a well-defined induced magnetosphere (IM) and magnetotail as a consequence of the interaction of an external wind of plasma with the ionosphere and the exosphere of these objects.

Surface encompasses areas of highest magnetic flux.
The ancient lunar magnetic field was likely even stronger than the Earth’s magnetic field is today. Specifically, its magnetosphere and its effect on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon.. With the recent discovery of Proxima B, just four light years from Earth, the quest to find a new habitable planet among the stars has been refueled. Titan's interaction with the co-rotating plasma in the magnetosphere of Saturn.

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