bog bodies documentary

(Read "Tales From the Bog" in National Geographic magazine.) One of few children disinterred from the bog, Kayhausen Boy died from repeated stabbings in the throat. A bog body find is an archaeological sensation, but Timewatch quickly secured exclusive access, preventing the news from leaking out to the wider world.

Documentary following the discovery and investigation of a 4,000-year-old body that was preserved in a peat bog … But Shalvey traps us with his victims in the story as it happens, and Bog Bodies is haunting as well as haunted. ; forensic examination shows that he died hard, stabbed through a lung and then decapitated with an axe. Bog Bodies . Try watching this video on, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser.

In 1950, three Danish farmers came across a grizzly find: a body, buried in a peat bog. The latest Iron Age bog body dating back to at least 2,000 BC was discovered near Portlaoise in the Irish midlands by an alert bog worker and it … He delivered the body to the local natural history museum in a wheelbarrow. Previous All Episodes (19) Next Add a Plot » Director: Nick Hardie. Much of the bodies' skin, hair, clothes, and stomach contents have been remarkably well preserved, thanks to … Added to Watchlist. Carbon dating suggests that the man died at the height of the Iron Age, around 275 B.C. Most bog bodies have been discovered in the process of excavating peat for use as fuel, and as a result, many have been hacked apart by spades and …

The individual bog bodies show a great degree of variation in their state of preservation, from skeletons, to well-preserved complete bodies, to isolated heads and limbs. In 1922, a German peat cutter found the mummified body of a 7- or 8-year-old boy wrapped in woolen fabric and a calfskin cloak. Bog Bodies is a bad old spot and what happened there. Most date from the centuries around the beginning of our era. It is with huge trepidation that I head off to the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin to meet the team into whose hands the two bog bodies … View production, box office, & company info Linda Cardellini Gets Quizzed by Her "Dead to … They range in date from 8000 B.C.

Details of the finds are outlined in a BBC Timewatch documentary to be screened on 20 January. Add to Watchlist. It was a murder that took place over 2,000 years ago. A story that is barely a story at all, a series of mistakes, blood shed where it has been let many times before. In an ancient bog at the foot of a fairy-haunted hill, peat-cutting work lays bare the body of a giant. In common with other bog bodies, they show signs of having been tortured before their deaths. Documentary | Episode aired 17 November 2017 Season 2 | Episode 7. The bodies, which are both male and have been dated to more than 2,000 years old, probably belong to the victims of a ritual sacrifice. to the early medieval period. 4,000-Year-Old Cold Case: The Body in the Bog.

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