does it rain diamonds on mars
(Michael Carroll) While we're stuck with water, in much of the the solar system, it's raining diamonds. In fact, planetary scientists say that Uranus and Neptune, the seventh and eighth planets from the sun, may rain diamonds, which then pile up miles-thick at the planets' cores. A team from the … I’ve seen some news articles that claim that it’s “raining diamonds” on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, or Neptune (take your pick), but these articles are really misleading. Energy released by diamonds falling and settling towards the planet’s core is thought to boost the magnetic field of Neptune, thus increasing the heat radiated from the planet (Sanders 1999 and Kerr 1999). Bryson Masse. Sparkling diamond rain which was theorised to fall on Neptune and Uranus has been created in the laboratory for the first time by scientists. Considering the high value diamonds have, it is almost unthinkable that on Uranus and Neptune, diamonds are not rare at all for they rain from the clouds. Scientists believe that on Jupiter and Saturn, it rains diamonds. On which planet in our solar system is it most likely to rain diamonds? In addition to being awesome, diamond rain could also account for the excess heat radiated from Neptune (in addition to heat from the sun). Precipitation does fall from the clouds of other planets, but it's a little more exotic than the good, old-fashioned rainwater we get here on Earth. While such a scenario sounds like a script from a science fiction film, scientists have confirmed that diamonds do … Scientists Say It's Raining Diamonds On Neptune And Uranus. It's also under the effect of gravity, so it would truly fall to the middle of the planet as "diamond rain". Up on Neptune and Uranus, scientists think intense pressures push the hydrogen and carbon found on the planets into diamonds – all happening about 8,050 kilometres (5,000 miles) below the surface. An artist's depiction shows a robot mining for diamonds on Saturn. There is no rain on Mars because the low temperatures and pressures mean water can only exist as vapor or ice (although it may have have rained in the geologic past say scientists). Rain is precious at the best of times, but this is something else entirely. Does it rain Diamonds on Neptune? Imagine sheets of methane, sulfuric acid and, yes, even diamonds falling from the sky. Consider this your daily reminder that the solar system is even more awesomely bonkers than you realized: On Uranus and Neptune, scientists forecast rain storms of solid diamonds. Neptune is the eighth and farthest planet from the Sun in the Solar System (sorry Pluto).

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