does it snow in paris in january


It’s worth taking a chance on the weather in the winter and coming to Paris in January and February. January in Paris is relaxed and laid-back. Asked by Himasgar Krishna via Ask a Nomad iPad app. Several years there is no snow at all, in Paris. 10 reviews. Last winter, on December 10th the city was hit by 4 inches of snow (10cms), which was the heaviest snowfall in 25 years.... still caused chaos. Tampa, Florida. Paris under the snow is very beautiful but it can be a little bit disorganized. It's not normal, but it's not unusual, either. 6.
When it does snow in Paris, unlike NYC there is rarely a huge accumulation.

Paris has an average of two days of snow in January when it is most likely to occur around the 31st, although the overall probability of snow lying on the ground is very unlikely.
The holiday hoopla has died down, and the New Year brings in gradually longer days. snow winter. Normally, when it does snow, it happens in January and February. January is one of the coldest month of the year. Temperatures can decrease seriously and be very low but in Paris, the temperatures are rarely under -5°C (23°F) they are often about 1°C (34 ° F) The average rainfall is not very important, but it can snow or rain. The early-winter drowsiness has passed. Courtney Traub has covered Paris and other European destinations for TripSavvy since 2006. Save. You’ll have substantially more choice if you come to Paris when the weather is supposed to be less than optimal. The heat emitted by the city, the smog, the pollution make an atmospheric “helmet” above such big agglomerations. Does It Snow in Paris in January? Canadians would consider it a sprinkle of snow. Re: Does it normally snow in mid February in Paris? Let's just say that after 38 years in Paris, I am disappointed more than 90% of the time. Nobody knows in advance. She is co-author of the 2012 Michelin Green Guide to Northern France & the Paris Region. Level Contributor . 0. It does but not massively. 66 helpful votes.

6 years ago. Let's just say that after 38 years in Paris, I am disappointed more than 90% of the time. Does it snow in Paris during winter? That will depend… of time, of weather. Here are six reasons and, as usual, there are more: Hotels & Apartments. Average Sea Temperature. over 8 years ago about Paris, Ile-de-France, France. 38,293 posts. I usually try to expect it in January or February (getting snow in November this year was a complete shock). 10 Answers. Actually, most of the snow was in December, which was really exceptional. *Typically* Paris will be a few — VERY few — degrees warmer in January than NYC, with a slightly higher chance of rain and a somewhat lower chance of snow. Report inappropriate content .

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