earthquake drill school

Earthquakes strike without warning and life-protecting actions must be taken immediately. Please Share This Information With Your Students. Simulation exercises should occur outdoors as well as inside the school. Our students (and staff) demonstrated the ability to REACT immediately and appropriately by following the drop, cover, hold on and building evacuation procedure. If you will participate in a ShakeOut drill, register your School as an official participant at Our school teaches students how to respond to the complications of an actual earthquake. Share. An administrator/teacher will announce that a Drop, Cover Hold Drill …

Identify a safe gathering place outside.
The very next day a school counselor and her several hand puppets had to come speak to our class outside of the presence of Ms. Gilmore to make sure we were all ok. ShakeOut Drill Manual For K-12 Schools 4 Level 2 – Basic: Life Safety Drill This drill focuses on immediate life safety and engages students, teachers and staff to think through their emergency response actions during an earthquake. Earthquake Drill Objectives The objective of the drill is to raise the awareness of the whole school on what to do before, during and after an earthquake. So it wasn’t with open arms that I received the news that we would now be doing this for a completely new disaster. This drill prepares students for what to do if an earthquake should occur during school time. 1.

BEFORE the Drill 1.

What if there's an earthquake at school? We weren’t told what an earthquake drill would actually look like. Search. An earthquake drill is a drill used to practice in preparation for an earthquake. Earthquakes should be thoroughly integrated into the school's emergency preparedness, response, and recovery planning. Periodic earthquake drills should be held to give students and staff opportunities to practice what they have learned and condition themselves to react spontaneously and safely when the first jolt or shaking is felt. As part of the AIS Health and Safety procedures, we had our school-wide Earthquake Drill this past week. Schools in some areas conduct earthquake drills.

Schools regularly conduct evacuation drills. Drills should regularly simulate emergencies such as jammed doors, and blocked hallways and stairways. Q. A.

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DO NOT RUN! Students are to do the following until the earth stops shaking, and it is safe to evacuate the building. School Earthquake Preparedness Guidebook (Arkansas Office of Emergency Services; website) A comprehensive earthquake preparedness guide for schools, including response procedures, nonstructural hazard mitigation, recommended supplies, drill procedures, damage evaluation, and considerations for special needs students MDM recognizes the importance of community preparedness. Schoolchildren wear protective hoods during an evacuation drill. At public elementary schools in Japan, earthquake drills are regularly held. Regular earthquake reaction and evacuation drills should occur separately from, but with the same frequency, as fire drills.

Thus, it is establishing procedures to follow during emergencies like earthquakes. Stop, drop and hold on is used during the drill.

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