fastest way to terraform mars

The way my playgroup's games usually shake out is: - 3p, playing with colonies, prelude, hellas/elysium - One guy always plays for the long game (colonies (especially pluto), card drawing, science, income, stacking cost reducers). However, the SpaceX CEO responded 'no problem.' Mars has a surface gravity 38% the strength of Earth's.

Leaving our solar system isn't really part of the exercise. Unlike Earth’s polar ice caps, which are made of frozen water, polar ice caps on Mars are a combination of water ice and frozen CO2. it's just a pipe dream, until we can figure out a way to restore Mars' gravity field to something similar to Earth's Compared to the effort of terraforming that's going to be flat out impossible. Cost effective... thats not part of the exercise. – The fast way is to drop thermonuclear weapons over the poles. A Russian space executive has questioned Elon Musk's plan to use nukes in order to terrafom Mars, saying it will take 10,000 missiles. Using radar data collected by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, a team of scientists from the southwest research Institute have unearthed compelling evidence of accelerated accumulation of ice on the North pole of Mars … – That would only double the atmospheric pressure on Mars. Scientists say they received information that Mars recently emerged from the ice age that can only mean one thing: time to get out the bombs and terraform this planet. Terraforming Goals At present, Mars lacks many of the traits of Earth that make it habitable.

I'm all for it. Mars might be made habitable. But when

A system for creating small islands of habitability would allow us to transform Mars in a controlled and scalable way.” The researchers were inspired by a phenomenon that already occurs on Mars. - I generally prefer terraforming, because I think it's more interesting, I'd rather not

I guess in theory, you could terraform faster … So we would go from 6% of the Earth’s atmosphere to 12%. If we wanted to terraform Mars, the way we would do it would be to put a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. I suspect what you have in mind isn't really possible. The surface pressure of its atmosphere is less than 1% that of Earths, and its

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