geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle
satellite-to-launch-vehicle interfaces that are common to most satellites. Five times out of five, FREND successfully rendezvoused with the satellite mock-up and docked with a bolt hole interface. The smallest inclination that a satellite can be launched into is that of the launch site's latitude, so launching the satellite from close to the equator limits the … Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark II (GSLV Mk II) is the largest launch vehicle … The first demonstration used hard-ware from an FY2005 proof-of-concept demonstration with improved, more flight-like software. The satellite's low-thrust engines are thrusted continuously around the geostationary transfer orbits in an inertial direction. This inertial direction is set to be in the velocity vector at apogee but with an out-of-plane component. Geosynchronous satellites are launched to the east into a prograde orbit that matches the rotation rate of the equator. The typical launch vehicle injects the satellite to a supersynchronous orbit having the apogee above 42,164 km.

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