hey now, hey now lyrics

Hey Now Now Listen you Think of all of the time we've wasted Hey Now Now, Hey Now Now, Hey Now Now. Back from the day, I'm the sleeper done slumbering Hey Now Lyrics: : / Hey now, letters burning by my bed for you / Hey now, I can feel my instincts here for you / Hey now, by my bed for you / Hey now, hey now / : / Oh, you know it is frightening Hey now! Hey now, I feel a new one comin' on so that you can sing along with it Right now and I'm gonna dedicate this song to everyone of God's children Hey now, one love, one God out of many His people Right now it's been a long time comin' but I'm serving up the sequel . You got it going on Hey now! Gonna stay right here when your sun don't shine While your head's still up in the clouds For crying out loud. Hey Now Now, I say hey now now Don't tell the people that they got to go I wanna keep em 'til the early morn I say Hey Now Now, I say hey now now. Don’t tell the DJ got to turn it lowWe keep it rockin’til the early morn I sayHey Now Now, I say hey now nowDon’t tell the people that they got to goI wanna keep em ’til the early morn I sayHey Now Now, I say hey now now You’ve been a soldier girl and I […]

Hey now! Hey now! What's your birthday Because I read in a book That I'm most compatible with mother's day. You've been a soldier girl and I would do anything for you It's true, it's true I wanna be in the early morn', I'm gonna … You're like my favorite song! From the outside Looking in I see your bright light Yeah believe me when I say Everything will be alright. Hey Now Now Don't you know What's your name You're really cute and really nice I think we should go on a date.

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