lagrange points animation

As seen from the Sun, the L4 and L5 points lie at 60 degrees ahead of and behind Earth, close to its orbit. In these, any number of masses can be specified. They all have mass equal to that of the earth. Because of this stability, objects such as dust and asteroids tend to accumulate in these regions. Lagrange Points are the stable points around the sun-earth-moon system, not the Earth-Moon System, Earths L3 point will be at the other side of the sun and will be not visible from the earth. To the left is an animation also showing the gravity potentials around these locations.

Lagrange Points are positions in space where the gravitational forces of a two body system like the Sun and the Earth produce enhanced regions of attraction and repulsion. Other simulations include Pinwheel, BigBang, and Random. In these, any number of masses can be specified. Lagrange points L 1 , L 2 , and L 3 are unstable. These can be used by spacecraft to reduce fuel consumption needed to remain in position. The five Lagrange points rotate with the system as it revolves. Unlike the other Lagrange points, L4 and L5 are resistant to gravitational perturbations. Everyone is talking about the animation and not the accuracy.

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