maplestory legion ranking

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Legion mules recommended minimum is at least 140 for S rank. You can exchange it for various items or use it to increase your Legion rank at Dame Appropriation and Squire Pancho in major towns. There are four tiers in the Legion: Nameless Legion: Character level sum is between 500 and 2999. Max per slot 9,999 Sold for Cannot be sold Dropped by None Rewarded from

Community Hub; Official Forum › Player Rankings Recruit-a-Friend Bean Brigade Support. Explore MapleStory; Classes & Jobs; New Player Guide; Marvel Machine ; Pixel Picks; Random Box Rates; MapleStory Wiki › Media; Community. When I saw Legion Preset is coming out, I was always thinking it would cost 500 coins monthly to be able switch between two ''presets''. The Game Hub; Explore MapleStory; Classes & Jobs; New Player Guide; Marvel Machine; Pixel Picks; Random Box Rates; MapleStory Wiki › Media; Community. Play Free Now on your PC. Check MapleStory's leaderboards to find out! But since each board is actually a preset and there is no ''main preset'', from what I have read it's not a bug but we need TWO preset tickets monthly, so a cost of 1,000 per month instead of 500. Tl;dr just get your mules to …

Im not sure what the highest lvl is, but on Luna there is a guy with 8500+. This is what is bugging me.

I noticed a lot of players on Reboot's Legion Rankings are banned on overall rankings. Play Free Now on your PC = + News. For those curious I had 876 coins earned at the time the ranks ended for the week.

Legion Coin: Description A coin acquired with your Legion's hard work and cooperation. Managed to get Rank 1 Legion earner in Broa for the first week and this is the chair you get!

1 year ago. (Note that if you have multiple Zero characters, only the highest-level Zero character will be summed in the Legion ranking.) Overall Legion Ranking.

HOME › NEWS. 150 is the most recommended because you need 6k legion to unlock the board.
Customer Support; Reset My PIC; Buy Merch; Follow Us On. The sum of your Legion Member’s levels determines what Legion ranking you receive.

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