moss bell heather

Arctic white heather’s relationship with lime is more complicated: in the lower tundra it clearly favours it, but higher up it isn’t choosy. Most heather plants prefer acid, limeless soil. The reserve was established in 1965 to preserve a small sample of the peat surface. Mountain Heather The term mountain heather loosely describes a group of low growing plants typically of the family Ericaceae. Danes Moss near Macclesfield is an oasis of lowland raised bog, one of the scarcest and most threatened habitats in the UK.

Saltersley Moss is a small remnant of lowland raised bog, largely dried out due to commercial peat cutting on the adjacent Lindow Common. The open areas of the bog are covered with cotton grass, cross-leaved heath and at least six species of sphagnum moss. Look out for alpines as well: dwarf cornel, moss campion and the lime-loving mountain avens (or Dryas octopetala if you wish to be formal.) Erica cinerea (Bell heather): Flowers from early summer to early autumn.

Flowers of Scotland. From Scots bluebells to bog myrtle, bell heather to the iconic thistle, the flowers of Scotland thrive - enjoying the rainfall more than the visitors do. Needs an acid soil. Purple heather Coloured autumn heather on the market Scottish Cat with gold eyes takes a pill close up. Arctic white heather is a familiar sight to visitors to Halti because it grows in many places as the main dwarf shrub and its dark green patches stand out in the landscape. Plants grow tightly packed together and can live for up to 40 years or more. Its delicate pink flowers appear from August to October and are a contrast to the tough, wiry, sprawling stems they grow upon. Heather is also known as 'Ling' and is an abundant plant on heathland, moorland, bogs and even in woodland with acidic or peat soils. Genus Erica can be prostrate or erect, evergreen shrubs with fine, needle-like leaves in whorls, and racemes or panicles of small, bell-shaped or tubular flowers Details E. cinerea is a compact, evergreen shrub with tiny, narrow, dark green leaves. Collectively, such groups are labeled as heather, moss-heather, moss-bush, Cassiope, bell flowers, heath and probably others. A very attractive heather, with flowers in long colourful racemes ( not as widely available as the others).. Heights range from 30cm, down to around 15cm.

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