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Twitter Media Studio : Aujourdhui, nous célébrons les 50 ans de la Journée de la Terre, pour ne pas oublier les défis qui nous attendent après le COVID- (biodiversité, plastiques, climat...). Hi Thomas Pesquet, we are high school’s students from Denain, in the North of France. He previously worked as an aerospace engineer, and is also an airline pilot for Air France. 1.4M likes. Science update – new record for Space Station crew. access_time11/04/2017; chat_bubble_outline7 “Elle se dérobe sous les ☁️️depuis longtemps, mais j’aperçois tout de même parfois la #Réunion, paradis pour les hyperactifs #FridayIsland” Thomas Pesquet.

He spent six-months on the International Space Station between November 2016 and June 2017.

Thomas served as a flight engineer for Expeditions 50 and 51. Followinstagram. Thomas Pesquet's blog. Page officielle de l'astronaute français de l'ESA Thomas Pesquet / Official Facebook page of French ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

Thomas Pesquet, Cologne, Germany. Séparés physiquement aujourdhui, nous devons agir ensemble demain pour un avenir meilleur ! We worked in english on the ISS, your life on board and your career… We would, firstly congratulate you about your success in the aerospace and also support you for the last weeks you will spend in the ISS. … Thomas Pesquet is a European Space Agency astronaut of French nationality.

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