uplink and downlink frequency of c band

The same logic is applied for the uplink transponder at the band of (5925-6425)Mhz, having also 24 channels (both polarizations) within an uplink transponder. Table 2 : An Overview Of S, C, Ku & Ka Band Frequencies DOWNLINK FREQ (GHz) UP-LINK FREQ (GHz) S BAND 2.555 to 2.635 5.855 to 5.935 Extended C Band (Lower) 3.4 to 3.7 5.725 to 5.925 C Band … The direction from VSATs to sallite is known as uplink and the direction from satellite to VSATs is known as downlink. Discontinuous transmission: Discontinuous transmission is required to allow both uplink and downlink transmissions. can be designed for reception of C and KU Band signals through the same satellite receiver. Note that a guard band in frequency domain is required to suppress interference to adjacent bands.

LTE (E-UTRA) Frequency Bands. Frequency separation is required to provide sufficient isolation between uplink and downlink. This page covers LTE frequency bands for downlink and uplink LTE frequencies. The spectrum requirements and hence the frequency band allocations for LTE are different for FDD and TDD. It is also important that there is sufficient spacing between the top of the lower band and the bottom of the upper band to allow sufficient filtering.
EUTELSAT 10A carries a powerful payload of Ku-band capacity, while also boosting C-band capacity available through Eutelsat’s fleet for services across Africa. 6GHz band frequency is used for uplink and 4GHz frequency band is used for downlink in C band satellite communication operation. To ensure that the uplink and downlink signals do not interfere with each other, separate frequencies are used for uplinking and downlinking. LTE frequency bands Uplink (UL) opearating band BS receive UE transmit (F UL(low)-F UL(High)) ,MHz Downlink (DL) opearating band BS transmit UE receive (F DL(low)-F DL(High)) … These are Ka, Ku, X and C. Consumer broadcasts and publicly operated companies rely on Ka and Ku bands, which operate between 10.9 and 20 gigahertz downlink.
The E-UTRA i.e. and X-band where the downlink frequency is not at the frequency specified for the selected uplink channel, the use of non-standard turn-around rations is highly discouraged. Some companies sell uplink and downlink services to television stations, corporations, and to other telecommunication carriers. Table to convert Noise Figure (NF) in dB to Noise Temperature in deg. FDD LTE bands: FDD spectrum requires pair bands, one of the uplink and one for the downlink. In telecommunications media: Satellite links …to operate in the so-called C band, which employs uplink/downlink frequencies of 6/4 gigahertz, or in the Ku band, in which uplink/downlink frequencies are in the range of 14/11 gigahertz.These frequency bands have been selected to exploit spectral “windows,” or regions within the microwave band in which there is… Frequency bands and channel bandwidths. Table 2 indicates the S, C and KU Bands for both uplinking and downlinking. In all, there are four commonly used satellite transmission bands. The origin is unknown, possibly AWACS. This is referred to as the high frequency band of radio wave transmission, as the waves used to transmit signals are very close together. Therefore, only channels 5 through 27 fully support coherent uplink and downlink for both frequency bands. This 'extended GSM', E-GSM, uses frequency range 880 - 915 MHz (uplink) and 925 - 960 MHz (downlink), adding 50 channels (channel numbers 975 to 1023 and 0) to the original GSM-900 band. From Tables 5.5-1 "E-UTRA Operating Bands" and 5.6.1-1 "E-UTRA Channel Bandwidth" of the latest published version of the 3GPP TS 36.101, the following table lists the specified frequency bands of LTE and the channel bandwidths each band supports.

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