venera landing sequence

It impacted at 17 metres per second (56 ft/s) and toppled over, but survived. Venera 7's parachute failed shortly before landing very close to the surface.

Observations of the planet Venus include those in antiquity, telescopic observations, and from visiting spacecraft. A schematic showing the landing sequence of Venera 4: 1) cruise, 2) release lander, 3) atmospheric entry, 4) deploy pilot chute, 5) deploy main parachute, 6) descent and 7) landing… Repeating the Venera-9's descent sequence, it touched down on the searing surface of the planet at 0217 UT. Due to the resultant antenna misalignment, the radio signal was very weak, but was detected (with temperature telemetry) for 23 more minutes before its batteries expired. The landing site was located some 2,200 kilometers from that of Venera-9's, at the point 16 degrees north latitude and 291 degrees longitude.

Venera 7 (Russian: Венера-7, meaning Venus 7) was a Soviet spacecraft, part of the Venera series of probes to Venus.When it landed on the Venusian surface on 15 December 1970, it became the first spacecraft to soft land on another planet and first to transmit data from there back to Earth.

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