what does a balance wheel do on a sewing machine

Replica 5.5" The diameter is just about identical to the original. It's just a shade heftier at 1 lb. Although it serves its purpose well enough, the manufacturing quality of it does not sit well with me. 11 ozs.

I actually dislike this handwheel. Sewing machine parts glossary: Bobbin. As for the balance wheel on your serger, do be careful. Dozens, in fact. It holds the thread that makes the underside of a stitch. I was running the machine at mid-speed while quilting.

However, since there are so many sewing machine models out there, these parts may or may not be on your particular machine. When I tried to turn the hand wheel to raise the needle, the hand wheel was very hard to turn. It's easy to find at a sewing machine parts supplier. But sewing machines aren’t nearly as complicated as they might seem to the uninitiated.

The hand wheel on a serger does not operate as those on a sewing machine.

I had earlier cleaned the shuttle area of all lint and used a drop of Kenmore Sewing machine oil in the two areas indicated in the users manual.

One part of the sewing machine that won’t be part of this list is the sewing cabinet.

And the more you know about the parts of your machine, the less daunting it will be.

A sewing machine has a lot of parts. This cabinet or table can give you a great place to do your sewing while protecting your machine from harm. And all of those parts—with their strange names and mysterious functions—can be intimidating to a new sewer. Of all the features, this may be the best one. I expected to see more crud and/or corrosion built up, but I guess what little was there was enough to keep it from working.

Feed/Feed Dogs. Bobbin Case The part of the machine that houses the bobbin.

but don't force the wheel. Hi, I got an old Singer treadle sewing machine, model 15 from 1925. The centre for the balance wheel is of interest, it’s where the bit that latches onto the balance wheel is attached. I cleaned it with kerosene and oiled it and it looks fine.

Now I'm trying to sew, but the balance wheel keeps turning backwards when I start to press the treadle and then I have to force the balance wheel to right direction with my right hand. You can turn the wheel slightly towards you or say to raise the needles for threading etc. It must align with the centre of the shaft on the machine. The spool that sits in the lower part of the machine.

Singer: Balance wheel and treadle problem? A hand-crank for anti-clockwise machines typically has two centres of rotation: one for the balance wheel and one for the handle. Usually turning in the opposite direction or forcing the wheel on a serger can actually damage the machine. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community!

The balance wheel and torque washer/plate came off nicely.

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