what telescopes can detect ultraviolet light

In fact, most of the light in the universe is invisible to our eyes.

In ultraviolet wavelengths of light, gases that the human eye can’t see become observable.

By the 1940s, scientists were launching rockets … The high-energy photons like to penetrate mirrors instead of reflecting of of them. 5. He best ultraviolet observations are made with space telescopes because A. the Sun blocks most ultraviolet light from distant stars. Ultraviolet telescopes have primary mirrors which are coated with special materials that make it possible to reflect ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light is absorbed by the atmosphere, so a UV telescope ought to be outside of the atmosphere, or at least outside of much of the atmosphere. Ultraviolet light is a type of electromagnetic radiation. D. space telescopes are closer to … B. the Earth's gravity reflects most ultraviolet light from distant stars.
The electromagnetic spectrum describes all of the kinds of light, including those the human eye cannot see. It's in an invisible part of the "electromagnetic spectrum". Ultraviolet radiation has wavelengths of about 400 nanometres (nm) on the visible-light side and about 10 nm on the X-ray side. Here's everything we know about its effectiveness. Ultraviolet telescope, telescope used to examine the ultraviolet portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, between the portion seen as visible light and the portion occupied by X-rays. Ultraviolet light is a form of radiation which is not visible to the human eye. UV light is commonly used to disinfect surfaces and kill bacteria -- but can it work against the coronavirus? NASA’s legendary Spitzer Space Telescope is one of the most important infrared space based telescope to date. UV light is a proven technology when it comes to reducing bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms that pose a risk to human health. Due to this reason, ultraviolet light can only be observed from above the Earth.

It's in an invisible part of the "electromagnetic spectrum". The spectrograph could determine what those gases are made of by splitting the light into its component wavelengths, or "colors," much like a rainbow. Ultraviolet telescopes have to be placed even higher than infrared telescopes. The mirrors that focus x-rays are made to be almost parallel to the incoming rays. So, in space or at the peaks of high mountains. These high-frequency waves can damage living tissue. Ultraviolet (UV-C) light kills or inactivates microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions. C. the Earth's atmosphere absorbs most ultraviolet light. X-ray telescopes must use a different design than optical telescopes.
Ultraviolet Telescopes. This includes ultraviolet rays. Each type of telescope can only detect one part of the electromagnetic spectrum. There are radio telescopes, infrared telescopes, optical (visible light) telescopes and so on. The Earth's stratospheric ozone layer, located 20 to 40 kilometers above the Earth's surface, blocks out UV wavelengths shorter than 300 nanometers. Astronomers use telescopes that detect different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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