what time can i see the space station tonight
With clear skies tonight, it is a great time to see the International Space Station! The International Space Station (ISS) can easily be spotted with the naked eye.

The Starlink satellites are passing across the UK this week and if you’re outside at the right time you’ll have a good chance of spotting them. The best time to observe the ISS is when it is nighttime at your location, and the Space Station … It can only be seen when it is dawn or dusk at your location," NASA said. Observing of the International Space Station. You can see it in the southwest sky to s… The See the ISS website gives all the information needed to find the biggest and most powerful spacecraft ever built as it passes over our heads. A little animation plays showing the International Space Station moving over your house - exactly where it will be flying tonight.
It will be visible at 6:20 PM for three minutes so don’t be late! The children of Britain looking to the sky to see Santa's sleigh tonight could catch a glimpse of a craft at the International Space Station passes … The International Space Station has now been orbiting the Earth over 15 times a day for nearly ten years, yet how many of us have actually seen it? Because of its size (110m x 100m x 30m), it reflects a large amount of sunlight. "Unlike the Moon, the space station isn't bright enough to see during the day. The space station, which earlier this month took a superb photograph of Ireland on a spectacularly clear St Patrick's Day, has been visible the past couple of nights-- as people have been sharing on Astronomy Ireland's Twitter page-- but tonight it will appear brighter than ever. Further, the space agency added, “However, unlike the Moon, the space station isn’t bright enough to see during the day. And the magic still doesn't stop there! The International Space Station flies above our heads constantly, orbiting the planet every 90 minutes at a height of over 250 miles. This means that you now know exactly when and where to look in the night sky tonight if you want to see the ISS with your naked eye.

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