wildfire deaths per year
A person dies approximately every 11.14 seconds. United Nations projections are also included through the year 2100.

Number of deaths per year: 2,830,688. Above all, fighting wildfires can become deadly. Wildfires in Canada and the US burn an average of 54,500 square kilometers (13,000,000 acres) per year. Wildfires - death toll worldwide up to 2016 ... $39 per month* ... "The 10 most significant wildfire events based on the number of fatalities from 1900 to 2016*."

The number of human deaths from chronic inhalation of wildfire smoke could increase to more than 40,000 per year by the end of the 21st century, up from around 15,000 per year today. The number of human deaths from chronic inhalation of wildfire smoke could increase to more than 40,000 per year by the end of the 21st century, up from around 15,000 per year today. If you take the number of deaths year wise, you will find a vast variation with a low of 3,349 deaths during the flu season of 1986-87 to a high of 48,614 in 2003-04. Average number over a longer time frame from 1976 to 2007 was 23,607 deaths. The average number of flu deaths during the 1990s was 36,000. A helicopter drops water on the Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado Springs, Colorado, as firefighters continue to …

Number of deaths per day: 7,755. Chart and table of the U.S. death rate from 1950 to 2020. Number of deaths per hour: 323 Absolute number of global deaths per year as a result of natural disasters.
A wildfire's burning front may also change direction unexpectedly and jump across fire breaks. "All natural disasters" includes those from drought, floods, extreme weather, extreme temperature, landslides, dry mass movements, wildfires, volcanic activity and earthquakes.

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