zsh: command not found mvn

Yes true, errors gone, not only thing is new when i start iterm i get this -bash: bindkey: command not found atomantic added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 5, 2016 fix restore script issue #8 Using zsh, I get a "No match found" message when choosing a pattern that does not fit with rm and that even when redirecting the output. zsh: command not found: mvn 问题解决 04-26 4599 .

Mac IDEA zsh command not found mvn maven环境变量 04-01 237 .

Mac IDEA zsh command not found mvn maven环境变量 在IDEA终端执行 mvn install 提示:zsh: command not found: mvn明明自己配置了maven环境变量,怎么会提示找不到呢? ①检查自己的命令执 …

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