NCOAlink 18 mos - $25

NCOAlink 48 mos - $75

DNC Scrub - $125

Dealer Download - $125

Vin Decode - $25

Data Processing - $35 hour

Data Entry - $.04 per name

Programming - $65 hour

Email Blast - $.035 name






As of November 23, 2008, mailing lists will have to undergo address-correction processing no more than 95 days before being used in a First-Class Mail job, a shortening of the current 185-day rule. More significantly, that rule will also apply to Standard Mail.

Under the current Move Update requirement for First-Class presort and automation discounts, “Each address and associated occupant name used on the mail pieces in a mailing must be updated within 185 days before the mailing date, with one of the USPS-approved methods.   



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